Photographic Styles

Gill uses a variety of different photographic styles to shoot weddings - reportage, choreographed and traditional. On the day, she usually uses a combination of all three as this gives the most complete coverage of your day. However, it really depends on what you like as to how Gill goes about capturing your day.

Reportage photographs form the majority of Gill's shots. This is un-directed and has a 'fly on the wall' approach. It tells the story of your day in its most honest and natural form. Gill's un-obtrusive approach means she can capture you and your guests in uncontrived shots. The true essence of your day; every smile, laugh, joke and tear, will be caught on camera with minimal of fuss to you and your guests. Quality of light, composition and artistic interpretation are key. The majority of these types of reportage photos are by chance that a certain situation presents itself and Gill will be ready in anticipation to capture these candid moments. It will very much depend on the day as to what Gill captures.

Should you wish, Gill may also use more choreographed shots. In this instance, Gill will be fully engaged with you to create carefully considered compositions. Sometimes this will also be a group such as your bridesmaids, groomsmen and other members of your wedding party. Gill uses her interpersonal skills and artistic ability; placing you in the best light and location, in front of particular back drops and positioning you within the group will all help to create a well balanced composition. Some shots might be quite obviously staged and stylised whilst others will be more subtle, with Gill enthusing her subjects in to natural expressions.

Some couples still like a few traditional photos, to record who was there and to give to friends and family. Gill undertakes formal group photography with minimal fuss, preferring to allow fun and interaction between the bride and groom and the wedding party.

The final number of photographs you receive varies according to coverage, although typically it is normally somewhere between 300 - 500 shots. Usually, there will be around 80% reportage photos and 20% choreographed/traditional photos but this is entirely flexible depending on what you like.