Photo Books


These bespoke photo books are a fantastic, affordable way, in which to remember your day.

This hardback A4 photo book has 25 pages, (50 sides) and consists of a mixture of colour and black and white photographs printed onto 200 gram matt/gloss paper. The book is professionally bound using lie-flat binding, enabling the pages to sit flat, therefore preventing any loss of image in the gutter. Further pages can be added and larger albums can be produced at an additional cost.

Below are some images from a sample album, which although do not give an idea of the quality and finish, do show the sort of layout you can expect. The images are taken from a screen shot of the album whilst Gill was composing it on her computer. You are looking at a double page, with the centre bind running down the middle. Gill keeps a hard copy of the album in her studio and she will happily bring it along to show you at your first meeting with her. To stress again, the images below are to give an impression only. Gill strongly advises you look at the hard copy before deciding if you would like one.

With regards to the content, each album takes approximately 100 photos and you have full say over what pictures are included. The layout will be similar to the sample images below, but will vary depending on the ratio of portrait to landscape shots. Gill will not put more than four images on any one page. Any more than four and the images become too small and detail is lost. Gill isolates 'stand out' shots to one per page. Once you have had a chance to sit down and look through the DVD of images, you can contact Gill and give her a list of file names and instruct her on the order in which you would like them to appear. Alternatively, Gill will simply arrange them in chronological order. 

You can expect to receive the album about one month after your wedding, but this really depends on how quickly you instruct Gill on the images you would like included.

If you are interested in an album, please call Gill on 07983 465414 to discuss your requirements in more detail.