Sarah and Paul's Wedding Photography Story

Hatherley Manor, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

I wanted to share Sarah and Paul's wedding story with you. They were such a sweet couple who had put a great deal of thought into making their wedding a really enjoyable experience for their guests.

Hatherly Manor is a 17th Century manor house in Gloucestershire. Set amidst 37 acres of beautiful grounds, I was hopeful for some really special photos.

Sadly, there had been a deluge of rain in the two weeks leading up to the wedding and the beautiful outdoor ceremony that Sarah and Paul had hoped for had to be performed inside. It was all quickly forgotten about though as Sarah dazzled her way down the aisle on her father's arm. Paul was mesmerised.

The ceremony brought tears of joy and happiness to almost everyone in the room. Sarah and Paul had been through a lot to reach this point, and you could tell how much it meant.

We were blessed with glorious sunshine on the day, and after the ceremony guests made their way outside for photographs.

On my pre-wedding venue visit I'd found a nice seating area that I suggested we use for the group shots, tiering guests would allow more faces to be seen in the final photos. 

As jovialities got under way, Sarah and Paul were whisked away in the car for photos with me at a local river setting. On our return, I suggested they might like some more photographs around the hotel's grounds before returning to their guests. We strolled out onto the fields that surrounded the hotel and got some really lovely shots with the sun setting low in the sky.

When Sarah and Paul were reunited with their guests, everyone was already seated ready for the entrance of the bride and groom. 

After the wedding breakfast a good set of speeches even had me laughing. As I left, the evening guests were starting to arrive and it looked like they were in for a good night.

Thank you for the fantastic wedding photographs. They are a wonderful picture memory of our special day. Many of the photos captured ‘magic moments’ that we will cherish.